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Monday, May 14, 2007

What is a Podcast and How to Subscribe

I wanted to share two short video tutorials. The first from Grunt Media explains what a podcast is and what happens when you subscribe to a podcast. This tutorial may help you decide whether your material is best pushed through a subscription approach or pulled from a website (or course site). More on this later.

The second Learn to Subscribe details how to subscribe to podcasts through iTunes, either through an iTunes subscribe button or by manually entering the link to the podcast subscription. Note that at one point in the tutorial you're told to right click (obviously a PC user). If you're using a Macintosh and don't have a mouse with a right click button, there are several options: 1) control+click or 2) two-finger click on your track pad. Then the option is "Copy Link Location." This copies the subscription link to your clipboard so you can paste it into iTunes.


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